About Kim

What Puts the Kim in Kim Stadler Photography? Simply put, my family. I love them. Nothing is more important to me than the love and dedication I have for my people! They truly inspire me every day to be the best I can be. The love I have for them fuels my artistically inclined nature. The dedication I have for them drives me to want to create and  celebrate the beauty of your family too. I whole heartedly believe in only giving you the very best I can because that is all I could ever want for my family.

Me and my Mini Me

I suppose I should probably tell you a little more about me. I am a people lover. I am a social extrovert. I have way too many friends and I love them dearly.

I am a cat lady, but more than that I am a fabulous cat lady. I may or may not have glamor portraits of my cat and they may or may not be hanging up in my home.      

I do love dancing and my girls nights out. If you see me come say hi! It happens all the time.     

I love baking. I love to make up cake recipes as I go.
I love drinking coffee in bed on Saturday Mornings while enjoying the temporary peace and quiet before the kids are up.

I am a board game junkie.

The truth is I love life, as cliche as that sounds I really do. I am energized by the love I have for it.

My Favorite Boy #1
and He's all mine!!!

My Favorite Boy #2
don't let this angel face fool you....he is a little naughty!

And last but not least...My very favorite child. I know mothers are not supposed to have favorites but can you blame me?! Look at her!

Thank you to my fabulous friend Alissa Floyd for the beautiful portraits of my family!