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Friday, October 20, 2017
By Kim Stadler
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The W family was an absolute joy to work with! The photographer they had trusted for years to capture their family moved away and they were referred to Kim Stadler Photography. Referrals are always the highest compliment a photographer can receive but for the referral to come from another highly skilled photographer and business woman is the very best!

When we spoke over the phone a few months ago they wanted some not so Fall-ish Fall family portraits. Downtown Spokane was a wonderful choice for this family. With hints of Fall colors in the background yet a contemporary vibe really made this stunning family shine. This setting fit them perfectly and it gave me another opportunity to go out of my comfort zone in a fun and exciting location. Showcasing the Historical Review Building that stands proudly in the back ground as well as The one and only House of Pop, the Iconic Glen Dow Beauty School and Spokane's Highnooner sub shop were a great touch. This family is from this wonderful town and I found it very fitting to have so much of what makes Downtown Spokane...well, Downtown Spokane!


Thank you to the W Family for choosing Kim Stadler Photography! It hope that you will love these portraits for years to come! Thank you for the fun filled afternoon and getting to be witness to how loving and caring you are as a family. The two of you have created a very beautiful made my job pretty darn easy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2017
By Kim Stadler
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On rare occasions I will photograph families Downtown Spokane (can anyone say that anymore with out hearing the Macklemore 'Downtown' song in their heads?) I have been to many urban locations around the US and none can compare to Spokane! The old bricks, historic buildings, cracked concrete and street art everywhere. This family wanted a rich colorful feel to their photos and this location was perfect!

And you are probably starting to think to yourself that these have got to be some of the most beautiful children you have ever seen. And you would be correct! This family is extra special to me because these are my children as well. These poor poor children have been photographed mercilessly by their mother for their entire lives. After a few bribes to take them to Red Robin afterwards they pretended they were not being tortured for a few minutes. I love these children and I am very blessed to co parent them with this awesome dad! Thank you Jason for hiring Kim Stadler Photography (even though you would get in trouble for going somewhere else!!!)

Monday, September 18, 2017
By Kim Stadler
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Referrals really are the highest complement a small business owner can receive.  Alexa's mom called me to schedule her senior portraits after I had photographed one of their friends previously.
There have been quiet a few reoccurring themes this year with senior portraits. The first and most annoying is the smoke. Spokane as well as Montana, Idaho, Oregon and California have been under blankets of smoke during the Fire Season 2017. So I have spent the Summer coordinating with my clients to work around hazardous air conditions. The second is I have been photographing High School Seniors with their little fur babies. Which I LOVE! As a fabulous cat lady myself, I am always very excited to create portraits that include pets!
When Alexa's mom Jena contacted me we talked about ideas for this session. A colorful downtown session that incorporated the colorful urban art of downtown Spokane was what Alexa was envisioning. Of course, since I love color I was very excited for a session outside of the locations and scenery I normally use (although I love those too!!!).
So we finally got a break in the smoke and Alexa, her mom Jena, their adorable pug princess named Piglet and I went on a journey through downtown Spokane. We went on a search for a specific painted wall that we never did find. But in the process we had a ton of fun together and found some amazing backdrops. We stumbled upon a favorite alleyway of mine which is iconic in Spokane Washington. The Rock legends wall showcasing Jimmy Hendricks and Ringo Star.

This color filled session was a blast, Thank you so much ladies for the fun filled evening and thank you for choosing Kim Stadler Photography to photograph your senior portraits!