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Wednesday, October 04, 2017
By Kim Stadler
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On rare occasions I will photograph families Downtown Spokane (can anyone say that anymore with out hearing the Macklemore 'Downtown' song in their heads?) I have been to many urban locations around the US and none can compare to Spokane! The old bricks, historic buildings, cracked concrete and street art everywhere. This family wanted a rich colorful feel to their photos and this location was perfect!

And you are probably starting to think to yourself that these have got to be some of the most beautiful children you have ever seen. And you would be correct! This family is extra special to me because these are my children as well. These poor poor children have been photographed mercilessly by their mother for their entire lives. After a few bribes to take them to Red Robin afterwards they pretended they were not being tortured for a few minutes. I love these children and I am very blessed to co parent them with this awesome dad! Thank you Jason for hiring Kim Stadler Photography (even though you would get in trouble for going somewhere else!!!)