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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
By Kim Stadler
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Surprisingly I recieve a lot of wedding inquiries. Kim Stadler Photography rarely photographs in maybe 1 every few years and only for very special clients that I have built relationships with for years. However, when this couple inquired with me I instantly knew we would be a good fit. Call it a gut instinct or intuition. But I had to say yes. Maybe I was feeling a bit sappy because I was married over the Summer myself. When Lisa told me their plan of getting married at their favorite camping spot in a look out tower with no guests I thought it was the sweetest idea. So Myself, my husband, the minister, Lisa and Doug headed off into the woods. I was their wedding photographer and my husband and I were their witnesses too. It really was a perfect day. And it was wonderful being a part of something that was so obviously right!

Thank you to Doug and Lisa for allowing me to be a part of your perfect wedding day! And I have a feeling we wont be strangers!